Although only 2 millimeters berikuran, aquatic insects that have an official name Micronecta scholtzi is touted as the noisiest insects around the world by using his penis. Why?

This fact is indeed hard to believe, given the size of insects is a vital tool even thinner than a human hair. But when rubbing his genitals into the abdomen, the insect will issue up to 99.2 decibels loud. The Daily Mail reported on Sunday (03/07/2011).

Friction was performed male insects to attract their opposite sex. Because of this uniqueness, insects can be found all over Europe is nicknamed the 'singing penis'.

Although done below sea level, the friction could be heard by humans who happened to pass by. But because 99 percent of the vote was muffled by the water, there is absolutely no risk to people who hear it.

The average insect that will give voice to 78.9 decibels, equivalent to the sound of passing trains.

Make no mistake, Micronecta scholtzi ternyaring not animals in the world. The position until now still occupied by the blue whale is capable of issuing up to 188 decibels of sound when singing. Meanwhile, the sound of an elephant who is calling his flock can reach 117 decibels.

Nevertheless, the French and Scottish scientist, Jerome Sueur and James Windmill, who discovered this new fact, argues otherwise. "If you compare the sound levels they produce with his size, then the insect is clearly a ternyaring animal in the world," said Sueur.


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