Speculation that mention civilization would end in 2012 is incorrect. The issue of the existence of a large star that will strike Earth in 2012 has not been proven.

The researchers argue, there are currently no documentation in the study who were able to identify the type of threat yag look for it. Those who argue that it's real star and be able to pull the asteroid into the solar system did not have proof until now.

When the idea of ​​Nemesis first appeared, this idea is used to describe what the experts call the periodicity of mass extinctions on Earth. In other words, after analyzing the interval in which there are five symptoms of major extinction event, these scientists think they have seen a pattern. It is quoted by Softpedia on Wednesday (08/10/2011).

But to this day no one has been able to show evidence that Nemesis orbits in the Oort Cloud comets, several astronomical units (AU) from Sun. AU itself is the average distance between the Sun and Earth, which is approximately 93 million miles.

Thinkers who support the Nemesis theory states that the object orbiting so far from the sun, but somehow the objects large enough to nudge a comet. Object believed to be responsible for the comets that periodically sent to the solar system that is part of the cloud.

Bailey-Jones (astronomy at Heidelberg) using a statistical tool known as Bayesian analysis to study the rate at which events occur during the mass extinction 250 million years, but they can not find the type of pattern that can indicate the presence of the Nemesis.

Just as the conspiracy theorists who proposed the planet Nibiru, Nemesis seems to be a figment of someone's imagination. If one of the two objects really exist, this is an astronomical impossibility, since both these objects should have been detected long ago.

"Of note, there is no evidence to Nemesis. Something that's left is an interesting question or absence of impact that often occurs during the last 250 million years," concluded Bailey-Jones.


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