Everything we do on earth seemed to threaten ourselves. There is a question of why we must save the Earth?

NASA create a new report, written by NASA scientists at Penn State. They explained that the report shows there is a relationship in which the alien beings are green, blue and orange out there might see it as something harmful emissions of man-made, is regarded as a threat to them.

Maybe aliens into account that the Earth provides more threat than they anticipated. The report was questioned, perhaps the signal for the aliens up there claim that unity which we are growing rapidly and must be destroyed before it grows any further.

In order to carry out attacks, the alien may be grabbing people and destroying tiny human body such as killing an ant. But maybe the aliens living with us?

NASA reports that philosophically entitled 'Is the contact with extraterrestrials is beneficial? " offers three categories of possibilities.

As quoted from Cnet, on Friday (19/08/2011), an alien may turn into a very mysterious fellow, they may just want to learn how to play cricket, make baked Alaska and teach us how to attack political opponents or social only by laser arising from their nails.

The second possibility is that the aliens have regarded man as a nuisance, and felt that people can repay. This report argues that they may also be more bureaucratic, which will encourage us to do the onslaught.

Or they may just want to bake Alaska and attack humans. This may occur because of vicious aliens, or just because they are a little awkward to do so.

If only it were true, then Stephen Hawking has warned beforehand that the aliens could actually hate humans. However, this report tries to compile many and varied storylines, which is associated with the future of humans with other creatures.


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