According to NASA, life on Earth may have origins from outer space. Scientists have analyzed the meteorite that formed billions of years ago before falling to Earth.

Who analyzed the meteorite is a carbon that has many fractions and contain chemicals that are similar to the one of the key components of DNA, the element formation of life.

Tests conducted by scientists United States (U.S.), mostly NASA researchers showed that the presence of these chemicals are not contaminated with the Earth. This means that the chemical is showing the origins of DNA that may be located in space and possibly aliens. Demikan quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (09/08/2011).

The findings are derived from chemical analysis were tested against 12 meteorites, and these findings are published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers also say they have found the 'impact with far-reaching'.

"Stone meteor and comet impacts in the early formation of Earth, they appear to provide some materials that are very important in the formation of life," said Dr. Michael Callahan, author of the study from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

Previous research found two of the three meteorite hidden as the basic ingredient of life.

This is an amino acid, such as 'beads' that when strung together to form proteins and chemicals needed to allow the cells to create a barrier membrane. The chemicals associated with DNA third.


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