Ever been left upset because a boyfriend? How does how I'll feel sad that not too long?

Come see the tips.

1. Favorite Foods You Eat

After dropping out of love and sadness, you can slowly eliminate your pain by eating favorite foods. You can eat chocolate, ice cream and anything that can make you happy.

2. Hang Out Together Friends

The streets with my friends are important to make your mind back fresh after a breakup. Design of meeting up with friends near you. As much as possible make-do vacations for full-color back to life.

3. Vent to a friend

Call a friend or close friend to simply share stories with them. At least with a vent to your friends, will ease your mind and make you glad.

4. Listen to Music

Listening to favorite music. Try the songs of encouragement. This is useful to evoke the mood you're uncomfortable.

5. Go Salon

Pamper yourself with beautifying themselves to the salon. You can perform maintenance and make yourself look different. This can be an added value you for more interesting after the end of the boyfriend.

6. Watching DVDs

Marathon watching DVDs to fill the spare time for no longer remembered the incident with his former bitter. You can watch your favorite movie marathon at home or invite your friends to come watch together.


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