After sex (ML) is generally a woman likes to be hugged and afterplay like spoiled - spoiled. But otherwise not to pick the men who tend to be sleeping. Why?

As reported by the Times of India, embrace or hug he gives a very preferred women because they represent the intimacy and warmth of her partner.

A new study of the behavior after sex found that compared with men, women tend to do things related to intimacy and bonding with both partners, in both the short and long term

"Most of the evolutionary psychology of human reproduction research focuses on the thing done before and things that lead to sexual relations," said Susan Hughes, the researcher.

Based on that study, women tend to still want some tenderness after sex activity known as afterplay and discuss the continuation of the relationship. For women, it is important to maintain intimacy.

While men tend to be ignored. The majority of men prefer to drink, smoke, eat, and go straight to bed. Men love the action that has the 'extrinsic benefits'. That is, men tend to prefer making out only when before making love.

According to the study, men were more likely to start kissing before having sex.

while women are more likely to initiate kissing after sexual intercourse was over. In addition, women also argued that the intimacy of communication and discuss the relationship is more important before intercourse begins.

There is only one thing in which men and women agree that it considers essential that says "I Love You" on the couple after sex.


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