Age makes a man's sex life has matured and changed. They begin to appreciate things that are unexpected about sex.

You want to know how they rate great sex?

According to Tammy Nelson PhD, psychotherapist and couples counselor, he has some great sex definition.


Trying new things and a little adventure is another definition of fantastic sex in his eyes. At one point, long-term relationship may seem too familiar and boring.

To keep sexual desire in marriage, add spices and fresh when making love. Watching you change clothes or striptease, can provide a spark of spontaneity needed to warm up your bedroom.

Affection and sensuality

Not only women, men also liked the touch of candlelight, soft music, silk sheets, or a sensual massage to create an erotic experience. Involve all the senses while making love, from the smell, touch, taste, until the sight and hearing.

Enjoying sex

men really want to see that their partners enjoy sex seriously. Play a sigh, groan, or a soft whisper can make them know that you are enjoying the action, and that he is on track to satisfy you.

In addition, men also like it when her partner gave up in the pleasures of sex. They crave someone who is able to feel and enjoy the sensation of sex.


Most of the men always want to feel desired by their partners, to feel wanted even though he can not always be what you want.

Knowing that you still want her, able to heal his ego and make your sex life like heaven for him.

Satisfy your partner

First for men's sexual needs is to satisfy their partners. Shadows make their partner orgasm and exploded in a climax, can make men feel powerful and aroused.

Numerous studies show, men and even willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of their partner orgasm. By demonstrating the techniques to satisfy your partner, you have given him the opportunity to meet the main needs in bed.


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