Nokia unveiled the Nokia 500, an entry-level smartphone with a touch screen that comes with quality and exceptional device performance.

As mobile phones to medium, the Nokia 500 already embedded with 1GHz processor speed, 5MP camera, extraordinary experiences in music and entertainment, as well as maps and navigation "turn by turn".

As the newest member in the ranks of Nokia devices based on Symbian, the Nokia 500 Anna backed Symbian operating system, which offers a new experience for its users and software features that have been upgraded, faster web browser and the latest versions of Ovi Maps.

"Until now, the smartphone with a reasonable price is often categorized as a device with low-quality user experience and offer substandard," said Ilari Nurmi, vice president of Nokia, as reported through the official statement on Tuesday (08/02/2011).

"This is one example that Nokia continues its commitment to continue to innovate in our smartphone product range and as an example of how Symbian can continue to support Nokia in meeting the primary needs of the market in coming years," he added.

Nokia 500 comes with pre loaded with the best music and entertainment applications such as Shazam Encore, Gig Finder, Lonely Planet and Michelin guides.

This entry-level smartphone also features access to the latest maps technology from Nokia and optimization of social networking so that users can check in easily at any location around the world. Voice navigation for pedestrian and drive-offline in over 80 countries to help avoid huge roaming data charges.

Nokia 500 is available in the third quarter of 2011 with black and followed by white at the end of the year. Both will come with two rear casing that can be exchanged.

Casing with a variety of colors and designs will be present this year. Nokia 500 will be marketed with a price range of EUR 150 before taxes and subsidies.


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