PC Game lovers get ready, because Samsung will bring a notebook device that is intended to play games that can support 3D games.

As reported by Stuff on Wednesday (24/08/2011), this notebook dubbed the Samsung Series 7 Gamer, which has a 17 "screen 3D superbright and is equipped with AMD's Radeon HD Graphics Card capable of displaying games and movies with 3D effects without the need to use special glasses to view it.

Not only does it put forward the visual side, the Samsung Series 7 Gamers also increase the crystal clear sound quality.

Samsung's latest notebook is also equipped with the technology ExpressCache invested on the HDD to increase the speed of the turbo when ignited and can extend the usage time.

These notebooks are among other advantages, balance, has a Library mode, environmentally friendly and is intended to play the game. If used in game mode automatically turbo cooling system will be abused, in preparation for use throughout the night and will not heat.

Meanwhile, this notebook also has a few shortcomings that is, the weight reached nearly 4 pounds and are in game mode, use the battery will probably die sooner.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer priced at a fairly high at Euro 1500, is commensurate with the technology offered.


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