Ultra-workers is one solution to the provision of public transportation is cheap and energy efficient.

Ideas about future vehicles usually shaped capsule and can move without wheels. Such was the idea to offer Ultra-PRT (Urban Light Transport, Personal Rapid Transit).

Although vehicles are highly applicable as a means of public transport, but currently its use is still top. Location was fortunate to apply Ultra is London's Heathrow Airport.

There, these vehicles are available 21 units (one unit fit six people) undergo a shuttle passengers as far as 1.2 miles from Terminal 5 to the two existing stations in the airport parking lot.

Ultra-PRTmengakui maker, manufacturing costs and operational costs of transportation projects is not costly (saving 40%), and energy efficient. Therefore, the transport system is advantageous compared to existing transportation facilities.

David Holdcraft, the project manager said in a release, the ultra-domestic transport system offers a truly new. "The service is fast, efficient, does not harm the environment, the use of any fuel-saving more than half the fuel consumption of vehicles available today," as quoted by Discovery News.


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