Researchers United States (U.S.) reveals an unexpected way charging the phone and virtually all other portable electrical devices. How?

Researchers University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) described, the new energy harvester technologies that can reduce dependence on the battery dramatically. Namely, through the 'capture' the energy of human movement in order to provide power in portable electronics.

"Man is a machine producing energy is very strong," said mechanical engineering professor Tom Krupenkin UW-Madison.

As he ran like it was written UPI, humans can generate one kilowatt of power, he added.

'Catch' a fraction of this energy will be enough to give tanga on mobile electronic devices, from laptops to mobile phones, he added. Krupenkin and his colleague, J. Ashley Taylor, calling this technology 'Reverse Electrowetting'.

This technology converts mechanical energy into electrical energy using the thousands of micro-droplets of fluid that interacts with nano structured materials. 'Slippers' technology is capable of producing energy when humans walk, and could generate up to 20 watts of electricity.

Although technology can not completely replace the battery, these two scientists believe this technology has an important role to reduce pollution, and battery-related problems.


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