Culture Tengger considered threatened with extinction. The cause, not a few young people dressed Tengger much slang, and leave the inherited culture of the ancestors.

Concern was delivered by Prof Dr Iwan Nugroho, a researcher who is also vice-chancellor of the University Widyagama Malang, East Java, Monday (13/06/2011), in Malang, to, after complete discussion of the Cultural Tengger, with 17 figures Tenggerese .

"Not a few young generation is looking Tenggerese slang. It was not just felt nonwarga Tengger, but by the people, especially leaders who admired the Tengger people," he said.

Iwan explained, the parents no longer instill the culture and traditions to future generations Tengger. "In addition, younger generations no longer assume that the inherited culture of his ancestors were, fit for him," he said.

Anticipation, says Iwan, early on the parents have to instill a tradition or culture that became Tenggerese strength. "Although the children taking education to the city, do not have to leave the culture that became the legacy of his ancestors," he said.

Because the residents living around the slopes of the Tengger of Bromo-rich tourist attraction and a destination of foreign and local tourists, the government should direct the tourist to a local-based sector. "Keep a local crocodile. Do not let foreign culture beat," said Iwan.

According to customs figures Tengger, Ngatrulin (75), specifically in the Village Ngadas, Poncokusumo District, Malang regency, is still quite not be eroded. "Because young children are still able to maintain the culture of Tengger," he said.

But in addition to the Village Ngadas, said Ngatrulin, many young people are seen hanging Tengger. "His appearance is a modern style, are oblivious to the culture of his ancestors," said Ngratulin.

To anticipate the cultural erosion of Tengger, in among them all gathered together his children either at home or in front of the house at night, Ngratulin provide insight into the culture of Tengger.

"For example, a cultural ritual Tenggerese pujan, which held four times a year. Others are clean hamlet, karu feast, the feast of Galungan, barian ceremony. Barian ceremony was held when there is earthquake or an earthquake had occurred during the two times. If only one can not be accomplished," said Ngratulin.

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