Anne Hathaway seems to really fans the most loyal Kate Middleton. In fact, if offered, be prepared to portray Anne wife of Prince William in her biopic.

Previously, Anne had confessed that she was impressed with the figure of Kate, who raced to the top of popularity ever since she married Prince William in April. Not only because the figure is understated, but certainly also because fashion tastes are often praised by many parties.

And when it is present in the launch of her latest film, ONE DAY, in Europe, a bid to portray Kate Middleton had appeared in this film. "I've never thought about it anyway, but yes, why not? He's great!" Anne java.

So ngefansnya on her figure, Anne could hardly forget the beautiful moments of a fairy tale style wedding the idol which was broadcast worldwide. "Finest moment for me was when she let go of her father's hand and walk alone a few feet toward William. At that time I was in London with my friend, and uttered, 'Oh, you're a brave girl,'" said Anne.

Then, Anne willing is experienced as a fairy tale wedding like Kate who married a handsome prince? "Marriage is only for the brave. I think, marry your best friend is a contemporary fairy tale, although it turns out this friend was a prince. I just thought, 'This is it. You marry your best friend. This is the tale of today,'" she concluded.


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