One of Australia's unique animals other than kangaroos known as the animals are adorable, also because of its ability to jump while on the move. Some researchers also tried to uncover why these terrestrial mammals do such capabilities.

According to the researchers, Kangaroos establish an important position in the tree of life, but until now they have not been sequenced DNA.

An international consortium of researchers were trying to sort the genes kangaroos, tammar wallabies including the species, and discover hidden data in the gene may be responsible for the characteristics of the kangaroo jumps.

"Project identification of genes tammar wallabies has given us many possibilities to understand how the kangaroo is different from other types of marsupials," says Professor Marilyn Renfree from the University of Melbourne, as reported by Science Daily, Sunday (21/08/2011).

Tammar wallabies have many interesting biological characteristics. For example, gestational age of 12 months covering the period of 11 months of suspended animation in the womb. At birth, young kangaroos weighing only half a gram, and spent 9 months in the mother's pouch, where the newborns were for protection. The researchers hope that the gene sequences will offer clues about how genes regulate the lives of tammar wallabies kangaroos.

They also identified, specific genes that make a kangaroo jump and perform other behaviors that do not do mammals generally.

Conclusions obtained while the scientists emphasized that the genes of the species tammar wallabies, which became a major factor why the kangaroo, which is also Australia's iconic animal jumps.


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