Heavy rock legends Iron Maiden live successfully raised more than U.S. $ 57,600 for the victims of the tsunami disaster which blew the Japanese in March 2011 last month. At that time, Iron Maiden almost became one of his victims.

Last March, Iron Maiden gig was scheduled twice in Tokyo when the giant waves came from an earthquake measuring nearly 9 SR. The jet carrying them was immediately changed direction to Nagoya.

Both concerts are immediately canceled. Even so, Iron Maiden who feel concerned by this incident and then offer the sale of t-shirts to be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The activity was supported by Iron Maiden fans around the world.

"The support of the fans we already reach more than 36,000 poundtserling (approximately U.S. $ 57,600) from the sale of t-shirts in the shop Iron Maiden and a variety of retail in America. All the immediate benefits we distributed to charities Japanese Red Cross," the statement issued by the band from Leyton, England.

"We want to thank everyone who has participated and took the initiative to help the brothers Iron Maiden fans in Japan, and the victims of this tsunami disaster."


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