ZURICH - FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, said the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA will try to apply the goal-line technology.

The policy is to anticipate the recurrence of cases that experienced by Frank Lampard in the 2010 World Cup when England face South Africa in Germany.

"Brazil 2014 World Cup will use a goal-line technology. In the event that FIFA will introduce at once apply the goal-line technology, "said Blatter, as reported by Goal, Tuesday (12/06/2011).

"With this technology there will be no 'ghost goal'. We are considering a good system and the purposes of the game, which emphasizes aspects of reliability, immediacy, and not complicated," he continued.

In contrast to FIFA, UEFA do not agree with the use of these technologies. UEFA president Michel Platini said the introduction of goal line technology in football has not needed because it will only eliminate the aspect of humanism that actually makes the game more interesting.

As is known, the use of this technology is sticking when Frank Lampard scored the case does not look well by the referee at the World Cup last year. At that time the ball had crossed the goal line Manuel Neuer. However, these goals are not seen by the referee or assistant referee.

Due to this the British had to settle out in the last 16 with 1-4 defeat of Germany.


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