More than two million people log in to watch sex tape Kim Kardashian oada in 2007, when Kim was married to Kris Humpries on August 20, 2011.

To quote The Sun on Wednesday (24 / 8), a video from 30-year-old reality star was posted online by her ex, rapper Ray J in 2007. During this time, usually only able to attract 300,000 users online each month.

However, due to Kim and Kris Humphries wedding took place in Los Angeles, USA on August 20, 2011, millions of people tried to come back, watch the video recording.

So far, the search engine Google said Ireland was the largest. Everyone who sees willing mengeluarjan 30 to see Kim for a month on the web.

Previously, Kim who received 3 million over the tape earlier this year said, "There is a sense of shame and embarrassment."


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