Chronicles of MerlinChronicles of Merlin is a browser MMO game that combines RTS with RPG, and take the setting time of European fantasy legend. Merlin is the patron god you guys in the world of adventure in Westmore. In the play, gamers can recruit Robin Hood, Dracula, Genghis Khan, to join the army.


- Battle formation
A keen understanding of how to choose the formation and position of your Hero will be one of the most powerful weapon on your adventure through Westmore. there will be plenty of options strategies to maximize the ability of troops. In addition to traditional Infantry, Archer and Cavalry troops you will also have the Wizards, Mages, and Siege Ballista.

- Hero
Hero is the factor most affecting the movement of troops. You can get the Hero with a strong beat him first, so Hero can be subject to and become part of the army.

Chronicles of Merlin

- Merchenary & Alliance
The Chronicles of Melin power Individuals who are non-guaranteed to win pertempran, alliances are more powerful role in determining the final outcome.

- Turf war
Every inch of land in Westmore bought with sweat and blood of thousands of soldiers. Abundant resources can lead to battles with other parties. To that end up get ready your biggest strength, because only the strong survive in Westmore.

Chronicles of Merlin


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