Exciting boxing, chess is also exciting, then boxing and chess? Do you think going to double exclamation? Consider this,

Chessboxing (tinjucatur) is a new sport a combination of chess and boxing. Starting in London in 1978 when two brothers Stewart and James Robinson did chessboxing at Samuel Montagu Boys Club. Then the story was trying illustrated by Enki Bilal cartoonist in 1992, which is then displayed in his novel 'Froid Equateur'.

Based on the novel, in 2003, Lepe Rubingh a performance artist creating a tournament chessboxing to fix Bilal idea that started with a boxing match and then proceed chess, dirubahnya be alternately. Round 1 of chess, both boxing and so on up to 11 rounds.

Sports chessboxing sheltered by the World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) based in Berlin, Germany with Lepe Rubingh as President, who also became the first winner in the first world championship in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

WCBO have a motto, "Fight performed in the ring and wars raged across the board." This sport can be said truly blend of muscle and brain.

How the rules?

Each match consists of 11 rounds, 6 rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing.
The first round begins with a chess with a duration of 4 minutes and each athlete is given 12 minutes of chess.
Rest 1 minute ahead of the turn round.
The second round followed by a fist with a duration of 3 minutes. Then rest and change again with chess. And so on until round 11.

And the winner is determined if either of these requirements are met.

Give up on chess or boxing round
Past the time limit in chess
Defeated in chess
KO in boxing
Lost because the referee in the boxing rounds
Note: If none KO boxing and chess ended in a draw, the winner is determined by calculating points of boxing. If the series turns out well, then that holds the black pieces wins.

To be more information please watch the struggle for the world title in Germany in 2008 Chessboxing through Chessboxing link.


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