Cars with gasoline or diesel fuel was used. But what if the gasoline-fueled cars plus liquefied petroleum gas or LPG only? These vehicles can be found in Kendal, Central Java. Alwan Kusnihadi, dynamo car repair shop owner managed to change the Toyota vehicle to be able to eat three fuels at the same time, gasoline, LPG, or a mixture of both.

Mixture of gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas are believed to be more efficient. Villagers Kutoharjo, Kendal, Central Java, three kilograms of installing tubes under the hood of his car. installation of gas cylinders the size of three kilograms was done to conserve fuel in his car.

According to the man STM graduates, the idea of ​​modifying his car to use LPG appeared about three years ago. That is when the price of fuel or fuel oil soaring.

While the price of three kilograms of LPG was USD 3 thousand. After making some modifications in some parts of the engine, now the 1990 Toyota Kijang alerts can be run using three fuel options are different.

According to Alwan, the most economical is a mixture of one liter of gasoline and one kilogram of liquefied petroleum gas. The result could be a distance of up to 25 kilometers. Meanwhile, if using LPG or petrol, the distance like cars in general that is about eight kilometers per liter.

Most auto parts undergo much change is in the carburetor. Because the original function of the carburetor on the car just to mengkabutkan gasoline. With the modifications made to the carburetor, the carburetor can now mengkabutkan LPG and also a mixture of LPG and gasoline.

Some of the tools as well as additional items that are used to change the fuel consumption of LPG cylinder the size of three kilograms. LPG gas hose, LPG gas regulators, five solenoide valve, vacuum and panels mounted on the dashboard to set the desired fuel consumption.

Solenoide valve was functioning like a valve is responsible for managing the extent of the LPG and gasoline are excluded. Alwan admitted that he had spent four carburetor for his research. He has to spend to modify about $ 2 million. Almost all the additional tool to modify his car was obtained from the seller used goods so cheap.

Then for the regulator, he admitted using gas cylinder regulators in general. Only Alwan replace per the original with a clutch Vespa. While the original lid of the plastic, replaced with a metal that had been ordered on the turner. Distributor is also reset to adjust their consumption.

Alwan said it was modifying a car similar in Pasuruan, Yogyakarta, and Boyolali. During the test, he admitted to not mendapatkann constraints. According to him, using precisely the LPG fuel is safer than gasoline because LPG is more easily lost in the wind when there is a leak. While gasoline will settle first.


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