This is a mobile social networking sites that guarantee privacy.

Glassboard is a new mobile social networking applications. The author, Sepia Labs, created with the emphasis on privacy. By means of this so more people can not control the privacy like in Facebook.

Rules and how to use Glassboard very easy, just people who make the board who can invite or remove members, or even remove the board.

Board is a community group such as circles on Google +. If you are not a member of the board, you will not be able to browse or search the board's existence. So privacy is assured and info in them is limited.

Glassboard fully prepared for communication. Here, everything can be turned off with a feature notfikasi Quiet Hours. The good, we can hide in Glassboard membership.

In the profile you will not have any information about the board you are taking, or the people listed as members of a particular board.

Board member you can also create your own set, so if anyone could disturb you get rid of. Glassboard available free for IOS, Androiddan Windows 7 Phone.


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