Continue skyrocketing price of fuel oil (BBM) in the world led to many parties to create hybrid vehicles.

But Sunil Kanjoril afford the creation of hybrid vehicles other than normal.

Concept car called the Genesis E is the Hybrid SUV that uses an electric engine with internal combustion. The system is actually applied also in other hybrid vehicles. So with a capital of lithium ion batteries, electric power can be generated for the four-wheel drive SUV is.

But India's national men have other ways to recharge the electric battery other than through internal combustion. Kanjoril Stirling engine design as a means of external combustion.

Stirling basically working with the gas temperature differences that cause expansion and contraction to assist engine performance. This technology previously applied to the submarine.

Through these technologies, the heat from the engine, brakes, as well as sewer captured through solar panels. This solar panel then holds heat in large quantities for further flowed through the tube containing the molten salt.

The heat from the engine and exhaust temperatures that are able to make a drastic difference in temperature Stirling motor so that makes it work and sustain energy for electric batteries.


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