Adherents Kaharingan Village Tumbang Torung, inland central Borneo, living trust also has the edge. Kaharingan - belief in the ancestral heritage of the Dayak Ngaju - knows no limits when death completed the entire activity of the human soul.

Not only that, there was a pause when the soul left the world forever. The principle that a confirmation, people are always in the shade Ranying Hatala sky - the Creator, the controller of the universe.

Kaharingan is an ancient religion. Old beliefs which adherents believed to have lived together with the creation of the universe. And as adherents who believe there is life after death, human nature Kaharingan also believe there is good and bad after mankind.

Kaharingan also have a tradition. One is tiwah. The procession will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. That is why the implementation tiwah done in bulk. The goal, lifting and cleaning the body in order to penetrate nirvana.

Tiwah is a ritual of death for adherent Kaharingan the final level. The preparation was briefly. It took a month or more to get close to the top of the procession. At this moment the family and relatives gathered, is responsible in each of the bodies that will diupacarakan.

Does not merely take care of the soul or spirit journey towards lewu tatau or heaven, the family is also concerned that the procession could take off rutas tiwah or misfortune, in the form of bad influences.

Important requirements that should never be left in tiwah is having the availability of chicken, pork, or buffalo which is used as a god. The animals will be stabbed in the body using a spear or lunju. Animal sacrifice was also a form of respect for the heirs.

Buffalo head that was cut down later dipancang at the top of a pole. Kaharingan adherents believe, marks the head of the large number of servant spirits in heaven.

Furthermore, the bodies of the skull that had been wrapped in cloth collected. After all is ready, one by one the family took the body and bring it to the stumbling - the final resting place.

Surrounded stumbled ambatan or statues of wood into the last funeral spirits of the ancestors. At this point relative to the guidance limit. They led salumpuk Liau or spirit ancestors to lewu Liau located in the seventh sky.

Kaharingan's people believe the spirits will pass through a long journey, through 40 layers of dew, rivers, mountains, ocean, lake, or whatever. If tiwah imperfect implementation, spirits are escorted to the afterlife would be lost.

Without tiwah, for adherents Kaharingan, it is impossible that the spirits will get to lewu Liau. Tiwah also as a marker of their lives, as the marital status of the bond release. After tiwah, they left behind a husband or wife, be allowed to choose a partner again.

Tiwah falsifies death as well as complement those still in the world.


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