The reason people are looking for a job can vary widely, ranging from making money to distribute talent. But the researchers found surprising about this fact.

Money indeed can not buy you love but it seems, most people prefer money than the happiness.

The survey was conducted on 2,500 people and asked what made them happy, a job with a salary of GBP 50 thousand (Rp705 million) with working hours 'suit' that allows you to rest sehari.Atau 7.5 hours, a job with a salary of USD 90 thousand (Rp1 , 3 billion) by the hour 'unusual' that makes you just can rest six hours.

The team of researchers from Cornell University in the United States (U.S.) found that respondents were choosing high-paying job. Interestingly, they are aware of their choices will make them unhappy.

When asked what his motivation, they answered a job with a bigger paycheck would make their families happier. Others said such written Dailymail, salaries could make them enjoy social status and greater purpose.

One PhD student research behind this, Alex Rees-Jones claimed to believe these findings have political impact.

"Our research results show, the government chose to design policies to maximize the size of happiness. The government may implement policies that do not want people to himself, "he said.

The results of this research were published in the American Economic Review.


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