Friday, August 5 Chicago yesterday to host the music festival Lollapalooza. On the first day of the festival that was held three days of Coldplay and Muse are believed to be opening the show. At the same Chris Martin (Coldplay) take advantage of this opportunity to commemorate the late Amy Winehouse.

As before, this year's Lollapalooza was held in Grant Park and reportedly there were seven stage erected in this location. On the first day, there are some big names are believed to be the performers such as Muse and Coldplay. In addition to the two of them, Pete Wentz reportedly also performed with his new band, Black Cards.

According to Contact Music, Chris Martin, Coldplay's dedengkot had a moment to invite the audience to commemorate the departure of Amy Winehouse through the song Rehab which is used as the opening song before it finally entered the song Fix You.

In the same news also mentioned that the Foo Fighters and Eminem also helped to fill an annual festival that started it held since 1991.


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