Who would have thought that the photo above is a photo of Lady GaGa. Singer with a unique facial appearance is really like a man. The picture above is a picture of Lady GaGa's chosen to become the cover of the single You And I have just quoted.

"You will not find anything you are looking for in love, if you do not love yourself," wrote Lady GaGa via Twitter while showing off this new photo. Obviously no one would recognize Lady GaGa who wore a black wig complete with beard, puffing a cigarette.

Single You And I own is the fourth single from the album BORN THIS WAY. Single involving the name of Brian May (Queen guitarist) was launched in digital format on 23 August. Unfortunately this single until now not been able to enter the series top ten singles in Canada, Japan, and the United States. But with an attractive cover like this, it could be soon the single would be sold.

You And I is the work of Lady GaGa produced by Robert John 'Mutt' Lange and Lady GaGa own.


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