Listening to music during exercise has many benefits. In addition to improving the ability to exercise longer and harder, sports listen to music while also reducing fatigue because the body becomes more spirit.

Doctors and researchers reveal that music can improve motivation, concentration, fitness, commitment and pleasure when someone is exercising. A study conducted to determine what positive effects can be obtained if someone is exercising while listening to music.

jogging heard music

Here are the benefits that can be obtained, as quoted from Lifemojo, Tuesday (06/14/2011), namely:

- Music can distract attention from repetitive exercises so as to avoid feeling tired, fatigue and boredom
- Music can reduce the factors that contribute to pain, anxiety, tension and discomfort
- Music acts as a stimulant that can improve performance. This is due to respiration and heart rate increases that will impact the training portion
- Encouraging positive mood thus avoiding any kind of negative thinking
- Make exercise more fun and interesting
- Preferred type of music is also associated with physical strength, soothing music can reduce the ability of potential muscle exercises while fast music can increase muscle tension.
- Body movement of the rhythm of music can enhance the results obtained
- Rhythm of the music heard can improve physical and motor skills.

jogging heard music

Even so there are some things that must be considered when exercising while listening to music that is:

- Changing the song is heard on a regular basis so they can avoid boredom
- Adjust the sound as normal and avoid loud music because it can damage hearing. If exercising on a public road, set the volume to still be aware of other sounds such as traffic signals or warning
- Do not use music as an excuse to push your body beyond the limit excessive exercise. Therefore watch out for signs of excessive fatigue.

The best music can be heard when sport is subjective, listen to good music like that rap, pop, R & B or rock song with a song that can enhance positive energy.


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