The fresh Japanese food lovers should try the sensations offered Ikkatei Tabiji Restaurants in Hakodate, Japan. Don Odori menu or "dancing on the squid dish" was a mainstay of the restaurant.

As reported by the page Saturday (6 / 8), a high salt content in the soy sauce that react with ions within the cells of squid tentacles and created a "sensation" is. To prepare the dish, the chef must first move the squid's head before putting the body of the squid.

Complete with intact squid tentacles were served on a bowl of sushi rice. Then poured soy sauce seasoning on it when going to eat it. When the sauce poured over the top of squid, this re-activate the nerve cell membrane so that the squid seemed to live again.

Unique food which proved popular in Japan priced at around Rp 220,000. Other restaurants in Japan were inspired to create a similar menu. Unique dishes you're interested in trying it?


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