Cycling at night has a different experience, but do not forget to prioritize security and comfort during cycling at night. Here are things you should consider.

1. Always use a helmet as protective headgear, goggles to avoid dust and other dirt and gloves when needed for comfort mengenggam bicycle wheel and avoid the tingling.

2. Use brightly colored clothing. The principle of cycling at night is that we must be seen by other road users and could see field road and road users. Use bright colors such as white clothing or yellow that can reflect light rather than dark colors. If necessary, give additional reflector panels (reflective) on your clothing to be more visible from a distance, about 150 meters.

3. Use a light or reflective tape can also in some strategic parts of the bike. Standard bike was actually already has a reflector. But, it would be better if you add back in some places.

4. Study the route the nearest and safest before pedaling. Choose a road with good lighting and road width. Alert potholes and uneven.

5. Make sure the bike is in good condition for use, especially at night journey.

Feel the different sensations during cycling at night.


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