How can I reduce the amount of crime? One suggestion is that young children should always be happy.

A sociological study conducted at UC Davis shows, young people who are happy tend not to do crime or drug use. Conversely, young people who are unhappy tend to be involved in both the deviation was.

The conclusion was written on the report's "Get Happy! Positive Emotions, Depression and Juvenile Crime," written by Bill McCarthy and Teresa Casey, UC Davis professor and researcher. They stressed the importance of happiness to be experienced teenager.

They conducted research from 1995 and 1996 data on 15,000 children aged SMP conditions. They found there were about 29% of students admitted to at least one juvenile, and 18% admitted using illicit drugs. From that data, they mengkrosceknya with the child's emotional health condition.

"We are seeing the benefits of happiness, which can create a bond amongst, positive self-image, the development of cognition on social values​​, and encourage teens to make decisions based on the consideration and positive emotions," said the two researchers in a report, as quoted from TGDaily.

They suggested, "There needs to be programs and policies to improve the happiness of children and adults to reduce the rate of violent crime and drug use."


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