It could be that Tom Cruise is one of the people who first watched the movie DO NOT be afraid OF THE DARK. Although the film is officially released August 26, 2011 a new production of the film itself but has actually been completed since last year. And because of watching a movie starring Tom's wife is also so I can not sleep.

Tom Cruise was never admit it but the wife and Guillermo Del Toro is spreading this shameful story to the media. When interviewed by Reuter Katie Holmes says, "Well, he was forced to watch another movie after that let her sleep. She was very frightened."

This statement is also supported by Guillermo Del Toro, the director. "I think he's Adam Sandler comedy movie, DO NOT MESS WITH THE Zohan," said Guillermo, as quoted by Contact Music.

Katie Holmes's first horror film was adapted from the British television film made ​​in 1973. The original version itself is often referred to as the scariest horror movie in history. How does this version of Guillermo Del Toro? Let's wait until this movie released.


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