It was, counting sheep as did Mr. Bean is no longer an alternative for Katy Perry. Unable to sleep, Katy started to 'interfere' fans who are still awake and active in the Twitter timeline. Apparently, this can actually help overcome insomnia experienced by Katy Perry at the time.

At that Katy Perry was in a hotel in Chicago after she held a concert on Monday night. Unfortunately, until late at night, not Katy's eyes can also be closed. Not much can be done at that time except, of course, chatting with fans via Twitter.

"Oh Boi! I have full insomnia! Why do not we talk via Twitter aja? Those of you who ask, I answer, if you will," Katy Perry's fishing rod. Obviously this golden opportunity for the fans who want to know more about Katy

Via Twitter conversation lasted until about four o'clock in the morning. There are at least 40 questions have been answered Katy, including her favorite sport. Imperceptibly, Katy eyes getting heavy and she immediately closed the question and answer session via Twitter that.

"Okay it's 4am and I'm now jamming tweet while eating spicy Cheetos. I started this drowsy. Thanks for the question. I hope you too happy!" Katy Perry concluded as reported by Contact Music.


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