For working women, appearance is the main thing. Hence the selection of underwear also be supporting your performance at work.

Use of the wrong bra, especially for your daily life at work, would clearly limit the movement. Well, here are some bras that can help your work look more perfect.

Sports bra

Quoted from 29secrets, not only useful for sporting activities only, bra this model can also be worn for everyday activities, especially for those who have active jobs. Model without wires and buffers, making you comfortable during any activity.

seamless bra

Seamless bra is especially suitable for use when you're wearing or the overalls that fit body. Apart from pieces of bra will not plagiarizing, brassiere type grooves are generally made of soft foam so it makes your breasts look more beautiful and full as it is supported properly.

Seamless bra model is very much on the market, you need to make sure the bra is really plain. No detail ribbon lace or beads.

strapless bra

Strapless bra is the right choice when you want to wear overalls overalls halterneck or strapless other. For example, when wearing a strapless overalls combined with a blazer.

So you do not need to bother removing the bra straps when they want to take off blazer. Choose a strapless bra with a highly elastic material, because the bra should be able to support your breast without pressing the chest.


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