Thanks to the performance of the batteries, car design of 1970 is almost not exactly sophisticated. The car is it?

Datsun 1200 aged 39 is breaking records and becoming the world's fastest electric car. This car made ​​the American mechanic John Wayland. At that time, this mechanical modifying these vehicles by installing a lithium-polymer battery 192.

The battery was able to give total power 355 Volts or 22.7 kWh of energy. In addition, this car is also equipped with powerful electric engine capable of accelerating from speed of 0-100 km / jan in 1.8 seconds as quoted Dailymail.

Speed ​​was clearly beyond most sports cars today. In addition, this car is capable of driving as far as 145 miles without charging the battery. Thanks to the power of 500 HP, this car can travel a quarter of that distance in 10 seconds.

In the test track, nicknamed the White Zombie Datsun was easily defeated Maserati. The original Datsun only able to have power 68 HP and it took 14.5 seconds to reach speeds of 100 km / hour.

Here's the video of this car against the Maserati.


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