Russell Brand Hold Other Women Looks like Russell Brand image as a playboy cannot just disappear. The reason is, when his beautiful wife Katy Perry is busy touring the world, Russell was holding the camera even caught intimate with a blonde crew on the set.

Russell is currently busy filming for his latest film, ROCK OF AGES. In between filming break on Wednesday (22 / 6) yesterday, the comedian is seen holding the hand of a beautiful woman with blond hair.

Russell and Katy are more rarely met with Katy's world tour schedule extension is very consuming. "Katy had only four days off until the end of September, when he was in Brazil," said a source at dailymail. "He hopes Russell will accompany him but not sure will get in Brazil because of his criminal record. Katy plans a few days off to celebrate his wedding one year later in October, and both plan to spend time in England," continued the source.

Sense of 'loneliness' perceived Brand also seen when he came himself in marriage Noel Gallagher on 18 June. Russell and Katy's house in Los Angeles also sold because there is hardly ever occupied it.


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