RESULTS hair neat and easy to set to make Korean style much loved. In fact, the country boy band personnel began bandwagon.

K-Pop style plagued many hairstyles among men. Because the Korean man considers more astute in matters of hair.

"Compared to women, Korean men hairstyle more fashionable. Even for just a walk, the Korean men's hair always looks cool, "said Lily as Director Tanie May May Salon in a workshop on Korean Hair Cut & Magic Volume in Kebon Kelapa Restaurant, Kedoya, West Jakarta, Monday (09/19/2011).

Lily added, no matter how long or short hair, Korean men would do her hair with layers and curls techniques in the bangs.

"They tend to appear with her hair still neatly. Even for the hair on the back of the neck was flat with a cream they make the hair to stick right in the neck and not 'run' anywhere, "he said.


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