Brad PittEver heard of the project WORLD WAR Z? Reportedly the film will be starred by Brad Pitt. Although some media had mentioned that this would be themed zombie movie but not a lot of information circulating about this movie. Even people say, Brad Pitt will soon go to Scotland to begin filming this movie.

"Everything is still undisclosed but will certainly be revealed as well. The film is going to be a big event for Glasgow and Scotland in general," said a source quoted from Splash News. Setting the film is actually in the United States or rather in the city of Philadelphia, but perhaps because of budget considerations, Glasgow was chosen as a substitute for Philadelphia.

The film is clearly about Brad Pitt as an actor who was nominated for an Oscar by Curious THE CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON is a major character actor in this film. "The good news, Brad's going to be the center of everything ... and would have a lot of action games. I am sure this is going to be something spectacular, and because this is going to happen next August, hopefully no weather obstacles," continued the same source.


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