AFTER having sex, does not mean that the agenda was over. There are some activities you need to do to maintain intimacy with a partner. What are they?

The success of sex-do not just rely on foreplay or the main menu only, but also after a lovemaking session. Some couples often forget this agenda and considers sexual agenda ended after the main menu presented. Yet, as important as "foreplay" and also the main menu, the agenda after sex also deserve a special time for lovemaking session remains burning. Idiva give panduannnya.

Whispering softly

In this session, you are in the most intimate situation, so use this opportunity to maintain intimacy with your partner to talk about things that are increasingly introduced to each other. Try to bericara gently and whispered to him rather than discussing the topic of weight that just makes the atmosphere became tense.

Movie magic

Watching movies sex can be a pretty good idea. Bring a woman or a romance movie that can provoke tears. Here is the only time to see if he will respect you. This course will help you both particularly strong ties to pass through a long night.

Say "Cheers"

Drank a little drink after making love allows your nerves calm and your body relaxes. In addition, the fatigue caused by the passionate activity will feel fit when combined with a little alcohol. The relaxed atmosphere will take you both on a quality night's rest.

Clean body

Perhaps this agenda will not directly do because you still want to enjoy being with a partner. But after you've finished pasting the intimacy and the couple, the best ideas that can be done is to do the cleaning themselves. You can do the bathing or washing after having sex so that your body maintain cleanliness and prevent you from infection.


Sex relationships are very good quality if coupled with enough sleep. This activity is not recommended as soon as possible. You can start by hugging together and then went to bed together. A good night's sleep will make a fresh body in the next morning so you can create a more hot morning sex with him.


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