Filming together for almost ten years, of course, love the location of incidents inevitable by the players Harry Potter. One of them is Emma Watson, Hermione Granger actress, who turns a crush on Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy's!

The 21-year-old actress said that she had fallen in love with Felton, who became her nemesis in the film. Love this location recognition occurs when filming the first two Harry Potter films.

"During the first two films, I really had a crush on Tom Felton. He was my first love," said Watson, who starred in this film was started when she was still very young.

Emma Watson

"He also knew (that I like him). We often talk about this, until now, and often laughed about it. We are now friendly, and fun happen," recalled the girl who is now concentrated into this model.

Tom Felton

And precisely because of young age in starting a career in Hollywood is that not only led to romance for Emma, but also having trouble finding a boyfriend until now. Men like what the hell the dream? "I want someone smart, kind and funny. I'm attracted to a man who truly dedicated to what they're doing," explains Emma.


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