Hugh Hefner, playboy the most successful and oldest in the world at the same time, it seems about to repeat the success story of Playboy in the City of London.

Could say Playboy is one of the most recognizable labels in the world. Rabbit logo are closely associated with beautiful women (and often naked) is in its development also represents design, literature, music, sophistication, status and other matters relating to the enjoyment of life, like a club for example. First opened the original Playboy Club in Chicago in 60s and its success quickly left it as an elite network of casinos and clubs in some cities are regarded as the center of the world.

Playboy label presence in the UK not only greeted cheerfully by the socialites and celebrities in English there, but also by Hugh Hefner and corporate. In the decade of '80s, Playboy casino is located at 45 Park Lane is the most profitable casino in the world, even able to contribute revenues of 32 Million USD to the main bag in the American Playboy. But the law does not allow this club a long time breathing in the United Kingdom.

Now, some 30 years later, Playboy tried to revive the memory and glory of the rabbit on British soil. Exclusive club with a members-only status would require prospective members to fill out an application (which will be evaluated by the committee membership) to be able to set foot into the glitter of the Playboy Club. And if your membership application is approved, then prepare to spend about two Thousand Pounds Sterling (approximately USD 27 million) for the application fee and fees per year, or 15 Thousand Pounds Sterling (USD 210 million) for bagging a lifetime membership in this club.

Heart of hearts the pride of Playboy Club of London is Salvatore, a prestigious bar which was headed by Salvatore Calabrese, bartender at the legendary City of London. The entrance to Salvatore decorated by the art installation that filled with rare cocktail books, barware stunning, original bottle Genever (Bacardi Rum from Cuba, one of the rarest bottles of Scotch in the world, and of course Cognac from 1788 which is a collection of Rye Whiskey oldest in the world. And across the room, you'll find The Cottontail Lounge, dance floor classic retro shades 60s Playboy pride that the walls and ceiling decorated with a mural of the classic Playboy images that are all painted by hand.

One floor above Salvatore and The Cottontail Lounge, you'll find a different atmosphere in The Players Bar, the atmosphere and the arms of chairs and flat-screen TV seem so perfect for watching sporting events. Next, step your foot into the room next to it to test your luck against the Playboy Bunnies are present as a dealer, and some as a cocktail server. Large, open room at the Casino presents a combination of traditional table games as well as some more modern attractions and computerized, which when combined with the overall atmosphere will produce a dazzling effect, making you late to the charm of fanfare.

Not only that, the Playboy Club London also has a barbershop called Gentleman Tonic Salon, where you can get service just about anything, ranging from basic haircuts, shaving, until the "Beard and Hair Design". As a complement, The Dining Room presents a special dining experience, all under the supervision and creation of executive chef Judy Joo.

Tempted to enjoy the sensation a la bunny? London Playboy Club is located at 14 Old Park Lane, London.


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