The hackers was divided into two groups, black hat and white hat, to signify the good or evil. The fate of hackers were diverse, some are lucky and unlucky.

Black Hat:

This group of hackers working to exploit computer systems to commit cyber crimes. Some are just curious and fun unisex basis for personal gain. Here's the famous black hat hacker and his fate.

Jonathan James, the teenager became the first teenager to prison for the actions pembajakandan sentenced to 16 years in prison at the time. "I'm just kidding. Nice to see what I can do," he said when interviewed PBS.

James always target a high profile organization. Including installing 'back door' (DRTA) in the Ministry of Defense of the United States (U.S.) for a peek sensitive emails and steal usernames and passwords of employees. The man who dubbed c0mrade who had also been breaking into NASA computers has now admitted making his own computer security company.

Adria Lamo, hackers are breaking into the New York Times and Microsoft. 'Hacker bum' is to say, "I have a laptop in Pittsburgh, and a change of clothes in DC". Kejahatannyaterutama in penetration testing to find vulnerabilities to be exploited. Yahoo!, Bank of America, Citigroup and Cingular are korbannya.Kini, he became a prominent journalist and public speaker.

Kevin Mitnick, "hacker poster 'Ministry of Justice is described as the' most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history '. The crime this man was filmed in, Freedom Downtime and Takedown. Terbesarnyaadalah crime, infiltrating Digital Equipment Corporation's computer networks and stealing software at sana.Kini, he became a computer security consultant, author and speaker.

Kevin Poulsen, 'Dark Dante'ini known to hijack the LA radio telephone network, KIIS-FM, which makes it managed to get a new Porsche. Authorities have dubbed him 'Hannibal Lecter of computer crime'. Now, he works as senior editor of Wired News. The most prominent is his article, about his identification on 744 perpetrators of sexual harassment in the MySpace profile.

Robert Tappan Morris, son of former National Security Agency scientist Robert Morris is known as the Morris Worm. The worm became the first computer worm released on the internet. The result, he became the first person charged with Fraud and Abuse Act Computer 1986.Kini, he became a professor at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

White Hat:

Hackers are usually hired by the various categories of both companies to test the integrity of the system. In this category, there are five best hacker in history. The following figure-tokohitudan fate.

Stephen Wozniak, "Woz 'known as the' other Steve Jobs' Apple. He was awarded his doctorate and the National Medal of Technology from Kettering University and Nova Southeastern University. Woz inventors also made it into the National Hall of Fame in 2000.Woz start hacking making blue boxes, bypass the phone modifier mechanisms to make free calls jauh.Kini distance, he gave instruction to students and teachers at school made, the Los Gatos School District.

Tim Barners-Lee, the hacker is famous as the creator of the World Wide Web (www), the system for access to sites, documents and Internet data. Men have a lot of awards and most famously, the Millennium Technology Prize.Pria was formerly a student at Oxford University first caught hacking with a friend.

Linus Torvalds, this man known as the father of Linux, the operating system (OS) based on Unix. Torvalds, who calls himself 'technician' is to say, modest aspirations, which wants to have fun making the best OS that he bisa.Saat this, he worked as a leader in Linux. This man had also entered '60 Years of Heroes' Majah Time.

Richard Stallman, this man famous for the GNU Project that he has made to develop a free OS. In this case, Stallman is known as the Father of Free Software. Men who choose to be called 'rms' was first done in MIT.Kini hacking, he continued to promote free software and work against Digital Rights Management through organizations like the Free Software Foundation and League for Programming Freedom.

Tsutomu Shimomura, a hacker was suddenly known by the ominous, which is attacked by Kevin Mitnick. Of the attack, Shimomura helped the FBI catch Mitnickmelalui cell phone tracking. After that, he wrote a book about the incident with journalist John Markoff who then made the movie.


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