Three wheeled concept car fuel efficiency. Control the use of fuel can be regulated by the GPS.

Fuel prices continue to rise makes a lot of people create fuel-efficient cars. Hybrid vehicles such as electric power or gas Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius attracted many people.

But the concept car that was introduced Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) is not inferior to the Chevy and Toyota. Three-wheeled vehicle fuel economy can be driven 2132 miles with one gallon of fuel.

The interface is attractive. But more interesting is, test-drive conducted by Kitty Foster, the daughter of 11 years. The experiment was conducted in milage Marathon Challenge at Mallory Park, England.

This car is equipped with a GPS system called the "Go" which allows the rider can menyesuakan fuel use, so that the existing fuel can be saved.

CDP hopes this vehicle could inspire many people to be interested in engineering. CDP team has not convinced this concept car could soon be used by people on the street, but they're quite happy to create fuel-efficient vehicles.


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