SEX is not always complicated. It is a biological urge, something that we all should know how to do it just by instinct. Unfortunately, not all men know how to stimulate and control the partner's desire in bed.

Sex, can not be monopolized and only liked men because women have the same level of pleasure. But maybe, men are more openly discuss their sexual satisfaction than women.

Do not be rude "play" breast

Breast is one point of great stimulation for women. Like the Mr. P, the breast is created so in matters of sex. But there is no reason for you to draw, play, and do other rough foreplay action in order to stimulate a woman. It is quoted The Stir.

Use the tongue naturally

If your oral action, do not wet the Miss V couples with too much saliva. This action is really not hot!

Do not rush foreplay

Do not rush to invite the couple to a round core. Enjoy foreplay to really prepare and moisten her vagina. Even the engine also need to be heated before it is operated.

Stop begging

According to women, there is one thing that sucks from her partner, when kept asking, "Do you want to make love?". Guys, is a good thing if you care about women's satisfaction, but let them tell you through body language or words.

Lubricants tested

It does not mean you failed if you want to use a lubricant because of the "wetting" Miss V could be used also to play games (variations of sex).

Do not be childish

You are no longer a teenager, so do not be childish lust which would reduce the couple. Indeed, fun to laugh during sex, but do not have to act stupid with posterior pair with a hard hitting.

No need to fear of sex toys

Many men feel threatened by the presence of sex toys because he considered could replace the pleasure they can give. In fact, women sometimes want to try a vibrator for sexual variation over hot, not because you can not take her to climax.


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