In the night, sex can sometimes be the last thing you have in mind. This makes sense, given all the pressure and responsibility you bear. Most importantly, do not forget the other acts to glue the love, even without the sex.

When interest in sex decreases, intimate relationships like a misery for the couple. The good news, there are five simple actions you can take to maintain an intimate relationship with your partner as well as make them feel loved and appreciated, even when sex is the last thing on your mind. Here the action referred to as quoted Genconnected.

Touch him

Gently stroked his cheek when you both talk, gesture arms when walking into a restaurant, hold hands while watching television, or rub his back, hugging. A touch can convey a lot of meaning for him when the words can not do it.

Make eye contact

Make eye contact, for example when you say hello in the morning and evening after work, when you ask him about all day that passed, even when you are talking about household chores. Making eye contact is recognized and show him that you are interested in what he said.

Give a smile

Small smile has the capacity to treat a man. A smile will open and warm the heart, the attention of a woman that he loves will also be very good for emotional health. So, reward him with your beautiful smile!

Play hair

When watching television or when lying in bed before sleep, he will feel the love that you channeled through your fingers gently stroked the hair or head (if he's bald). Sweep in the head was so happy and gives results greater than the effort required.


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