The blueprint's legendary Aston Martin DB5 James Bond will be auctioned. The blueprint features the amazing sketch gadgets Q. Like what?

Silver car driven by Sean Connery Bond has become one of the world's most famous car after appearing in the movie Goldfinger (1964). Bond fans worldwide will have the unique opportunity to get memorabilia that gives special insight into the amazing gadgets in this car.

Aston Martin James Bond Blueprint Auctions

Including, caliber 30 machine gun on the bumper and oil spray can be seen. Stuart Channon auctioneer said, "First time in history that an official copy of the blueprint designer 007 Aston Martin DB5 sold."

While the producers kept the original blueprint of EON Productions, eight copies released for 'The Most Famous Car in the World' by Bond author Dave Worrall, he added. "The blueprint is truly the exception and is the only official copy."

Father of this car designer, Sir Ken Adams, hoping this blueprint behavior 15 thousand GBP (Rp207 million). A total of two Aston Martin was made into Goldfinger and Thunderball. One of them had been disarmed and sold, but stolen in 1997 and was never seen again since then.

Years ago as written dailymail, Harry Yeaggy purchase of U.S. power, the other car worth 2.9 million GBP.


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