This time the Beliebers be really angry to hear that Justin Bieber injured after a man attacked him. When Bieber was busy distributing his signature, this guy broke through barricades and tried to drop the star.

At that time, Bieber was promoting hisnew perfume, Someday, and gave his signature to the fans outside a supermarket. Unexpectedly, a man suddenly attacked and attacked Bieber until the young singer dropped. Seeing this incident, Bieber's personal security team immediately dropped the act and the man who predicted this 40-year-old, who immediately handed over to the authorities.

An eyewitness said, "When he was grabbed, clutched the man's bodyguard. Bieber immediately and looked shaken up while holding his arm." In the supermarket, Bieber seen comforted by his father, a bodyguard and manager.

The motive of this attack had escaped, when this man is thought to be a fan of the craze. However, TMZ claimed that the actual men who attacked Bieber is an undercover cop. Misunderstanding between the police and bodyguards happened, after a crowd of fans outside the supermarket was started uncontrollably. As reported by the media, the undercover cop who is intending to secure Bieber of the uncontrolled rush of fans.

For the attack unexpected result of this misunderstanding, Bieber was reported injured, though not seriously. Once the problem straightened out, Bieber was again handing out his autograph at the supermarket.


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