Although both played in the film Indiana Jones AND THE CRYSTAL SKULL, but apparently did not prevent Harrison Ford said rough on Shia LaBeouf. In an interview, Ford said LaBeouf as 'idiots'!

68-year-old actor plays a major role in this film, while the actor lined up to star Shia son. Shia on the statement in an interview last year, Harrison was called an idiot.

However, Ford is saying it is not to vilify the Shia, but because Ford actually appreciate the effort, hard work and talent for working with him. Ford considers Shiites actually an idiot because this young actor had to blame themselves for making this movie was a success.

Harrison Ford

"I think I had told him that he's an idiot. As an actor, I think it's my responsibility to support this film, though I could not do it all yourself. Shia is an ambitious actor, caring and talented, and he learned how to handle a unique situation and difficult, "said Ford in Details magazine.

In 2008 silane, after playing Mutt Williams for the film, Shia said that he had been the cause of the failure of this film won the box office worldwide.

"I find it disappointing legacy of the beloved and favored by many people. You can blame the scriptwriter or even Steven Spielberg, the director. But working actor who was supposed to make the film live and I cannot do it. So it's my entire fault, it's simple," said Shia then.


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