Recent research results indicate it is very surprising. Known, men are more likely to die from lightning than women. Why?

Of the 648 cases of death by lightning for 13 years across the United States (U.S.), 82% were men. Recreational activities and sports contributes to almost half of these deaths. In fact, as many as six men died in this year while playing golf in Shreveport, Louisiana. and others play baseball in Ruby, South Carolina.

"Men are more at risk of being struck by lightning," said security specialist lightning National Weather Service (NWS) John Jensenius Science is doing research on this.

The Reason Men are More Likely Struck by Lightning

This is because men tend to do work outdoors, he added. In the U.S., in July became the month off in this case with an average of 18 victims dead.

This is allegedly due to increased outdoor activities when the storm peaked during this period. The most dangerous state is Florida. Because Florida has a tropical climate which makes it a lightning storm more than anywhere else in the U.S..

"In addition, research shows, men aged 10-19 into the age range of most victims of lightning strikes. Because, at that age they're most school holidays and children often play outdoors, the U.S. weather agency said it."

Experts emphasize NWS, thunderstorms capable of firing rod as far as 16 miles from its core.

"The perception generally, lightning storms occur only when dark and berpetir. However, lightning can propagate a considerable distance from where the rain falls," lid meteorologist Robert Molleda.


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