This vehicle lived in the three realms, can be as speedboats, submarines, as well as aircraft.

Dolphin-shaped vehicle was named Innespace Seabreacher. Vehicles with five-meter is working with 1500 cc engine, which is equivalent to the power of 260 horsepower. The cockpit is waterproof so it can dive.

When functioning as a speedboat, he can go with a speed of 80 km / h on the surface of the water, and while diving in the water, its speed to 40 km / hour. In the air, he can fly to a height of 5.4 meters.


Machine used was a single jet engine, which controls movement and steering. Controls are on two foot pedals that are in the cockpit. With that control, water flow can be directed to the right or left alternately.

If control is directed downwards, then the tail will go up, and nose 'dolphin' is down and began to dive. When diving, fin back to draw air from the surface water and oxygen supply to the engine.

In the fin to the left there is a manual control to adjust the maneuver. If the fins are tilted forward, the ship will go deeper into the water.

In the cockpit there are two seats that are equipped with GPS, the iPod, and speakers, LCD screen on the front showing the view from a camera mounted on its back fin, so it serves as a digital periscopes.


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