This painter created the painting using the motherboard as a canvas.

There are many artists who create works of art from old computer hardware. The result is good, beautiful, and inspiring. One of them is an art installation created by Marek Tomasik, Polish.

But it is different with Tomasik, Joe Dragt, painting artists from Arizona, produces beautiful work of art paintings using a motherboard as a canvas.

Wow, Motherboard Painting

Dragt initially saw an old computer that has been unused. "The complexity of the circuit pattern is perfect for making the background is amazing. I asked for permission to carry one unit and perform experiments. All that everything starts from there," he said.

Dragt had sold many of his paintings for over 15 years. But the idea of making paintings of old computers recently appears alone. In addition to beautiful, the material was free, so it can save you and to save the environment by reducing waste electronic goods.

The results of her paintings titled motherboard with computer terms, namely "Memory" and "RAM". The results that he was selling his artwork online at his personal website.


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